How to Make an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Before you put together a digital marketing strategy you need to ask the following 4 key questions below: Identify Digital Marketing Goal What is the goal of your Digital Marketing Strategy? What is your budget for the strategy? Who is your target market? Is Re-marketing Required? To understand what we’re asking of these questions, let’s […]

Huawei Nova 4 Special Features

Remember the Huawei teaser from last Monday with a shooting star in the upper left corner? The company cleared any confusion today, relaunching the same teaser, but with a camera instead of a light dot, revealing this will be the Huawei nova 4, and it will arrive on December 17. Huawei nova 4 teaser The phone was […]

HIV Testing Made Compulsory For Parliamentary Aspirants

Alban Bagbin, a National Democratic Congress [NDC] flagbearer hopeful Alban Bagbin, a National Democratic Congress [NDC] flagbearer hopeful and a 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament is advocating for presidential and parliamentary candidates to be tested for HIV/AIDS as part of their qualification processes. This, he says will raise awareness on the need for persons to […]