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I’m struggling to stop statue smuggling – Manikavel

The police who complained to him did not record a first report so far, that the complainant did not request a job change once. Manikavel said.

Special Operations Officer, Special Operations Officer, They complained to the DGP today. Gold. The 60-year-old policeman who worked in the Manikavel-led division has been forced to pay them back.

In this connection, the DGP and the journalists who met the reporters should investigate only the person pointing out the matter. We do not allow us to work freely. We worked in the middle of the pressure of the golden mice on the statue. The fake case and the fake testimony have been demanded to arrest the police.

It is the specialty officer of the postmodern burglary unit who met the journalists. Mikkaiyale, the complaints are my expectations. Can we take the police to work for more than 250 days? Seeing those complaining against me is a sin.

The respective district reserve guards played the culprits in 47 districts. The foreign guards used other help. How can you be distressed when the FIR is not posted? No Foreign Officer can be removed without the High Court order. He said that I am fighting a separate officer in the statue-smuggling department.

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Garden hose Used To save home from wildfire

Paradise, California (CNN)Brad Weldon grabbed a garden hose as the Camp Fire approached his house, spraying water to keep the flames at bay and protect his disabled, elderly mother inside.

With fire on all sides, he went from one hose to another. When there were no hoses with water left, he picked up a bucket and started scooping water from his above-ground pool.
He had stayed in Paradise, California, to protect his 89-year-old mother, who is blind and was unwilling to leave.
With the help of a friend who is his mother’s caregiver, Mic McCrary, Weldon fought the flames from the Camp Fire.
“There was times we were laying on the ground pouring the water on ourselves so we didn’t burn,” Weldon, 62, said.
Did he ever think he was going to die?
“Oh yea, of course, quite a few (times). Quite a few,” he told CNN on Tuesday while looking at the damage to his yard and the horrific destruction to his neighbors.
The water to the hose lasted four hours. He had more water in the pool. Getting in the pool was a last resort in case the heat and the flames came too close, but they ended up only needing it for the buckets.
The house made it. He made it. Everyone is fine.
“It feels good to have it. I feel so sad for everyone though. Everybody I know lost everything,” he said while crying for his neighbors.
Five days after the record-setting blaze burned almost every home in town, Weldon, who is retired, is trying to stay positive.
Weldon is hopeful his home can serve in the aftermath as an anchor for people to come to while they plan for rebuilding or whatever comes next.
Weldon, his mother and McCrary are fortunate. Forty-two people died in the Camp Fire, and more than 6,400 homes are gone.
Their house is remarkably unscathed, save for some scorching on the back of the work shed.
Officials are still looking into the cause of the fire. They are investigating a report of a transmission line outage about 1 mile northeast of the town of Pulga, about 9 miles from Paradise.
While the blaze no longer appears to pose a direct threat to Paradise, Mayor Jody Jones is concerned about marshaling resources for cleanup and recovery so people can return to what’s left of their homes.
“My biggest concern is, do we have the resources to clean up debris and get safety hazards out of the way so people can get to their property ASAP,” she said.
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