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7 Healthy Foods That Are High in Vitamin D

Vitamin D is unique, because it can be obtained from food and especially from sun exposure. However, up to 50% of the world’s population may not get enough sunlight, and 40% of people in the US may get enough. They have vitamin D deficiency.

This is partly because people spend more time indoors, use sunscreen when exposed to the sun and eat a western diet low in sources of this vitamin.

The Recommended Daily Intake (IDR) is 400 IU (International Unit) of foods rich in vitamin D per day, but many health organizations recommend obtaining 600 IU. If you do not get enough sunlight, your vitamin D intake should be close to 1,000 IU per day. To make this possible, below is the list of 7 healthy SupplementsBit that are rich in vitamin D:


The fish that gives more vitamin D about 320 mg per 100g. However, it is generally not specified if the salmon is wild or farmed. Although this seems to be of little importance, there may be some difference. Some studies have found even higher levels of IU of vitamin D in wild salmon, reaching up to 1,300 IU per serving. On the other hand, the salmon grown on average only contained 25% of that amount.

However, that means that one serving of farmed salmon contains about 250 IU of vitamin D, which is 63% of the IDR. It gives as about 320 mg per 100g in its canned version.

Go ahead and make a multitude of different protein dishes full of vitamin D such as this salad of salmon and prawns, new salmon burgers or some rolls of smoked salmon with gulas.

Herring and sardines

The herring is a popular fish tasted all over the planet. It can be served raw, canned, smoked or in vinegar. It is also one of the best sources of vitamin D that exist. Fresh Atlantic herring provides 1,628 IU for each 3.5-ounce serving (100 grams), which is four times the IDR.

If fresh fish does not appeal to you, pickled herring is also a great source of vitamin D, providing 680 IU for each 3.5-oz. (100-gram) serving. This is 170% of the IDR.

However, pickled herring also contains a high amount of sodium, which some people should perhaps be careful about. A sardine also contains vitamin D and is similar to herring which contains about 272 IU and it is 68% of IDR. It is necessary to mention that other types of fatty fish are also good sources of vitamin D.

Dairy products:

Cheeses, yoghurts and milk, especially soy or enriched varieties, are among our top vitamin D-rich foods, reaching up to 50mg / 100g. Take advantage and add calcium to your dishes.

Try to take it beyond dessert and use it for sauces like this recipe for lamb lean or in chicken drumsticks with yogurt.


We suggest the consumption of this type of food that always generates a good supply of vitamin D. In particular, a 100g serving of chanterelle mushrooms (Cantharellus cibarius) provide more of half of CDR.

Mushrooms produce vitamin D2, while animals produce vitamin D3. The mushrooms of some brands can contain between 130 and 450 IU of vitamin D2 per 3.5 ounces (100 grams).

Cod liver oil:

Cod liver oil is a popular supplement. If you do not like fish, you can choose to take cod liver oil, as it is a good way to obtain certain nutrients that are difficult to obtain from other sources. Cod liver oil is an excellent source of vitamin D. It has been used for many years to prevent and treat vitamin and amino acid deficiency in children.

Cod liver oil is also a fantastic source of vitamin A, with 90% of the IDR in a single teaspoon (4.9 ml). However, vitamin A can be toxic in large quantities.

Therefore, it is best to be cautious with cod liver oil and not take more than what is needed. With high contribution not only of vitamin D, with 1667mg / 100g , but also of Omega 3 and vitamin A. A simple spoonful of this oil covers the daily needs of vitamin D that we need.


Star food that cannot be missing in any balanced diet. We have spoken in other occasions of the benefits of the egg and this time we do it to include it in our top of foods rich in vitamin D with a contribution of 9mg / 100g.

The protein in an egg is found in the egg white including fat, vitamins and minerals are mainly found in the egg yolk.


Oysters are a type of clam that inhabits salt water. They are delicious, low in calories and full of nutrients.

A 3.5-ounce serving (100 grams) of wild oysters has only 68 calories, but contains 320 IU of vitamin D, which is 80% of the IDR.

Top 8 Anti Aging Foods for Younger Looking Skin

Food plays a wonderful role in our health. It is what fuels our body and keeps us looking young and beautiful.

While we all know the perils of eating processed junk foods, we often overlook how specific foods can impact the quality of our skin.

Did you know that there are certain foods that can actually make you look younger?

That’s right.

Anti aging foods aren’t just a myth, they exist! And if you want to start shaving years off your face then here are 8 anti aging foods you will want to add to your grocery list today!

Top 8 Anti Aging Foods for Younger Looking Skin

  1. Pomegranates

You may remember a few years back when pomegranates were the “it” food. Everyone from Oprah to Dr. Oz were talking about the benefits of pomegranates and how rich they were in age defying anti oxidants.

Well, they weren’t wrong, but unfortunately all the media attention made people skeptical.

The truth is, pomegranates truly can transform your skin. It turns out they contain a molecule that protects muscle cells from aging.

As we age, our skin loses its ability to regenerate the mitochondria found in our cells. These mitochondria are crucial for proper functioning.

Urolithin A, the molecule found in pomegranates, helps regenerate defective mitochondria and therefore rebuilds your skin strength for younger looking skin.

Did we mention they also taste delicious?

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We use extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in a ton of our homemade skin remedies because it offers so many benefits. When it comes to anti aging, EVOO works because it is rich in monounsaturated fats, plus vitamins B and D. Together these properties help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help iron out current wrinkles.

EVOO also helps regenerate skin cells for more resilient, youthful looking skin.

You can benefit from EVOO by using it in your favourite face masks or by eating it.

  1. Blueberries

Blueberries are another power food that strengthen your skin cells. Not only are these tiny berries yummy, but they can reduce skin cell damage.

Full of powerful antioxidants, blueberries reduce the signs of aging by fending off free radicals. Thanks to their natural anti inflammatory properties blueberries can reduce swelling and inflammation that damages your skin and makes you appear older than you are.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea is another antioxidant rich food that you will want to add to your diet. This tea contains high levels of OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) that slow down the aging of your skin cells.

Youthful looking skin is a result of moisturized skin and green tea is a great moisturizer. It locks in hydration for plumper, healthier looking skin.

Green tea also contains flavonoids which are responsible for maintaining the elasticity of your skin so it can stretch and rebound back to its original state, without causing any wrinkles or damage.

  1. Leafy Greens

Dark leafy green vegetables are our secret weapon against aging. The darker your greens (think kale or swiss chard), the more beta carotene they contain. Beta carotene helps repair damaged cells and renew the appearance of your skin.

Leafy greens also contain folate which is crucial to DNA repair, potassium and lutein which keeps your skin internally hydrated, and fiber which flushes toxins out of your body.

  1. Fish

Fish are full of the essential fatty acid Omega 3 that keep your skin looking young and radiant.

Fatty acids are important for young skin because they preserve your natural collagen levels. As you likely know, collagen is the fibrous protein responsible for keeping your skin looking firm.

These fatty acids can also help reduce inflammation in your skin and have several heart health benefits too!

  1. Garlic

I bet you didn’t know that garlic could be responsible for young looking skin?

Well for years, we didn’t either. It turns out garlic contains a powerful antioxidant that fends off free radicals.

This stinky food also contains natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. These properties prevent skin issues like yeast buildup from dulling your skin and making you look older than you are.

  1. Lemon

Lemon is one of the best anti aging food which recommend by many of the doctors. By using lemon squeezer anybody can make a lemon juice which is good for skin. It contains Vitamin C that is good for your health. You can directly apply lemon to your face to get rid of wrinkles.

Nature has provided us with so many anti aging foods, you would be silly to not take advantage of them. In combination with a healthy active lifestyle and a solid skin care routine, these foods will help you look younger longer.

Now tell us, what are some foods you swear by to keep you looking young and fresh? Share in the comment section below.

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Hey there, I’m Sabrina! I’m a lover of all things DIY skincare, have been known to indulge in a Face Mask Friday session (or two), can’t get enough of my puppy and am on a mission to help women feel confident in their skin over at Feel free to drop me a line on Facebook, but be warned — I’m a chatter!

Actual Benefits of hot stone Massage

Many people across the world engage themselves in tiresome activities that leave them exhausted and worn out. Everyone has to work in order to live a comfortable life. In most cases, these jobs are not easy and most of the people end up suffering from back pains. This is why massage is widely practiced to help in relieving pain and also in most cases promote healing.

There are different types of body massage. In this article, we are going to review on the actual benefits of hot stone massage.

Stone massage has been practiced for quite a number of years. This kind of massage involves the use of hot stones which are placed on your back to help you relax and also, it tends to release stress. All you have to do is lie while facing down then the warm stones are placed on your back.

This type of massage has benefited people in many ways;

· Relieving pain

Are you suffering from any joint pain that doesn’t seem to go away? Well, a good massage has always been the perfect remedy for such pains. A hot stone massage has always provided better results compared to other types of massage since the warm stones used during this procedure, allows heat to pass through your body like Thai massage.

· It helps to boost circulation.

There are very many health issues associated with poor circulations. And that’s why the warm stones are sometimes placed in a position where the heat from the stone can easily penetrate to the body tissues. When the blood vessels detect this heat, they tend to open hence improves circulation.

· Relaxes muscles

Some people tend to have stiff muscles that pain a lot. When the stones are placed on your body, the heat will help to relax your muscles without too much strain. One feels some calmness and the muscles also relax.

· It enhances mental clarity

Massage not only helps in physical aspect but it has also contributed in healing mental disorders. It has in many cases help to reduce stress and also improve memory. There is some peace a person feels when the stones are placed on him. The heat tends to coordinate with the brain and helps to calm the nerves. Female to male massage in bangalore told that it enhances mental clarity.

· Promotes sleep

Very many people across the world suffer from insomnia. A good massage has seemed to work wonders and creates some relaxation in our bodies. There is no need of taking sleeping pills anymore.

· Facilitates movement

A massage therapist can also place the stones along your spine. The heat penetrates to your joints and muscles. This in turn lower chances of having contracted muscles and a person moves at ease without any difficulty. According to research, people who have massage on a daily basis tend to be more flexible and at rare cases do they have joint pains than those who have it once in a while.

Hot stone massage is one of the most commonly practiced massages; it has not only helped in relieving pain, but has also contributed greatly to healing process. This type of massage is very effective and has always produced good results.