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Top 10 Cordless Soldering Irons Review

Top 10 Cordless Soldering Irons

Soldering irons are some of the most versatile appliances at the moment, applied in every project that requires the joining of components within an electric circuit. Right from building submarines to repairing laptops and mobile phones, cordless soldering irons have emerged to be the most essential gadgets but a lot of features must be taken into consideration when selecting an appropriate cordless soldering iron. Quality and convenience are the biggest considerations which informed this comprehensive review of the top-rated soldering irons in the market at the moment.

Hakko FX-901/P Cordless Soldering Iron

This appliance that weighs approximately 4.0 ounces is one of the lightest battery-operated soldering irons available at the moment. It is powered using four AA nickel-metal hydride or alkaline batteries, enabling it to operate at a temperature above 600◦F for more than 120 minutes. It is listed as the safest cordless soldering iron that is devoid of sparks and flames no matter how long it is used continuously. It is best suited for use by field service technicians, electricians, homeowners, hobbyists and maintenance personnel. The tool can be used to solder jewelry, alarm systems and repair a wide range of appliances.

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ColdHeat Cordless Soldering Pen

Technicians desire a portable soldering iron that can heat up to 700◦ F in less than 30 seconds and this is the precise service that this tool offers. Apart from its high functionality, this soldering iron similarly cools to touch in less than a minute because it is artistically assembled using the renowned cool touch technology. This appliance is battery operated as well and the latest design features a redesigned ceramic tip, 15 times stronger compared to the earlier versions. It is best for use where automatic shut-off is needed and besides, it does built-in led projects with exceptional precision. Efficiency is taken into consideration when designing this appliance because it can solder at least 600 joints using a single battery pack.

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Vastar VRK10-AXL-1

This soldering iron is part of an entire set from Vastar, containing a series of five different tips that make it easy to fit the iron anywhere. Whereas the entire package is made of stainless steel, the tip is iron-coated, features that assure users of reliability and stability. The temperature control thermostat included here is a special feature that allows users to adjust temperature in respect to their needs. While most of the soldering irons in the industry use color ring resistors, this version is fitted with a chip fixed resistor which streamlines the soldering experience.

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TurnRaise Portable USB Powered Soldering Iron

It is a rarely-designed soldering iron that is characterized by the USB 5V-design. Its tip is known for durability, thanks to the protective cap that reduces wearing whenever the iron is not in use. The tool heats up in approximately 15 seconds, which is a record time considering the various types of soldering guns and their efficiencies. It is RoHs compliant, taking into account the need to protect the environment. Enthusiasts amazed by the exceptional heating speed will be baffled by the cooling time-30 seconds. It is also appropriate for use in homes with children, thanks to the automatic shut-down feature whenever it is idle for more than 25 seconds.

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Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station FX-888D FX-888

Most of the soldering irons in the market exist as part of an entire station and Hakko seems to have mastered this new trend. This particular station comes with a soldering iron, a soldering tip, an A1559 sponge, a cleaning wire and an operational manual. The station has an adjustable temperature control feature that allows users to work at their convenience, alongside the reliable digital technology that has been employed by Hakko in the manufacture of electronic appliances. The T18-series tips that are used in this package are known for excellent heat conductivity. Its brilliant thermal recovery enables users to solder at low temperatures and therefore reduce thermal impacts on sensitive components.

Iso-Tip #7971 SolderPro 50 Butane Soldering Iron

The soldering iron has a power equivalent of 70 watts, rendering it simple and safe to operate in any environment. 20 seconds after ignition, the appliance will be ready for use and it is capable of 30 minutes continuous operation. The soldering temperature ranges between 410-750◦ F, which implies that it can be used for minor soldering jobs and major repair projects. The soldering iron comes with a protective cap and a 7992 soldering tip, which offers buyers value for their expenditure. It is butane-powered, compact in design to the extent that it can fit in one’s pocket. Electrical interference is avoided when working with sensitive circuits because this appliance uses butane fuel which is easily refillable.

Wall Lenk LSP-60-1 SOLDERPRO 60 3-in-1 Butane Powered Soldering

This appliance has an electric power equivalent of 70 watts as well and is identified as a new generation soldering iron in the line of pocket-size appliances that are butane-fueled. It is a multifunction tool meant to serve individuals who prefer handling soldering jobs at home. The package comes with a blow torch, a soldering tip and a solderPro 60 iron body. The butane tank is easily refillable and once it is full, the appliance can operate for at least 40 continuous minutes.

Ersa Multi-Sprint high-speed electric soldering gun

The unique electric soldering iron from Wall Lenk is transformer-independent, boasting of 75 watts heating power. Its heating speed is consistent with the best speeds in the industry, approximately 20 seconds. The maximum tip temperature is 420◦ C, which enables one to handle a wide range of projects including those that are sensitive to high temperatures. The tip is chisel-shaped, approximately 3.2mm but this version has an assortment of replacement tips to alleviate any fear of failure. Ersa multi sprint is amazingly light and ergonomic in design, posing as one the easiest and most comfortable soldering iron tools to use. Some guides told Ersa is the best brand for soldering irons.

Exxacttorch 17-in-1 60W 110V Electric Soldering Iron Kit

It comes as part of an outstanding soldering kit which includes rosin core solders, brass brush tips, a de-soldering pump, a soldering iron base and extraction tools which assist any person to solder like an expert. The soldering iron contains a temperature adjusting feature together with six replacement tips that are designed to meet variant needs. The solder sucker that is included in the package has an amazing sucking power that can get rid of any amount of solder from circuit boards. The LED indicator on the iron glows red when one is working to enhance safety by minimizing accidental burns.

Portasol 010589330 Super Pro 125-Watt Heat Tool Kit

This is one of the most versatile soldering kits in the market today, carrying a single hot air tip, a hot knife tip and three soldering tips. The front end is uniquely patented to increase durability, not to forget a safety cut-off switch that increases safety. It is operated by butane gas that easily refillable within a record 10 seconds, providing an electric equivalent of 125 watts at any given moment.

In summary, there is a wide range of soldering irons in the industry, some of which exist as single tools while the rest come as a complete set or package. They differ in terms of power source, heating time, temperature range and safety features. It is important to look at the credibility of a given brand, the safety features included and the ability of a particular iron to function in a variety of environments before making any purchase.

Top 10 digital microscopes for professionals

Microscopes and more precisely the digital ones are acknowledged for an array of discoveries and accomplishments in the present digital age. These devices assist in viewing and magnifying small objects that cannot be viewed by a naked eye. Unlike the conventional optical microscopes, digital microscopes are of a distinct style in that they use a charge-coupled camera to produce a digital image. This image is mostly generated on an external monitor, and often done using an associated computer software.

Although digital microscopes are largely available on the market, finding an ideal one can often prove to be a daunting task for most people. Mainly, the reason is that a professional microscope is significantly different from a microscope for kids. Hence, before you pick a particular microscope, it is advisable that you check out some of the top rated microscope reviews on the Internet such as follows:

Aven Cyclops Digital

Apart from using a 4x objective to generate up to 534x magnification, the Aven Cyclops Digital microscope is accompanied by a handy remote control. It can be used to view areas that range from 1 -9.5 inches across. The microscope is also has 30 LED illumination lights and has the capability to record and stream real-time video. Furthermore, it is preferable for field applications and presentations.

Supereyes B008 500x Portable Pen Mini HD Manual Focus Microscope

The Supereyes B008 microscope prides itself on being the best USB microscope on the market. In fact, it has a magnification that ranges from 40x to 500x. Apart from glass optics, it comes with a 50 piece accessory kit. Additionally, it has a Real 5MPCMOS sensor.

Simul-Focal Articulating Zoom Stereo Microscope

This device is unique due to its flexibility, especially in the articulation of the pillar arm. Its digital camera boasts of 5MP and is accompanied by advanced editing and measuring software, which is compatible with various versions of Windows including XP, 7, 8, 10 and Vista. Additionally, it has a magnification that ranges from 3.5x to 225x and a simul-focal optical system, which is easily visible on a video screen.

Dino-Lite Pro

This handheld digital microscope features a built-in measurement function. It utilizes the DinoXcope for Macs or the DinoCapture 2.0 software for Windows. With a clear color resolution and 200x continuous magnification, the Dino-Lite Pro is a preferable choice for crime scene investigation or field work.

Full HD Digital Microscope

This HDMI microscope provides excellent quality pictures since it adopts a corresponding microlens and a high-quality image sensor. It also generates 1080p video output, which allows users to share complete HD microscopic images with other individuals. With a magnification range of 10x to 220x and a three megapixels image sensor, the microscope is suitable for teachers who prefer sharing clear microscopic images with their students.

OMAX 40x-2000x LED Binocular Compound

Designed and built with portability in mind, this LED Binocular Compound microscope from Omax weighs 13.8 pounds. It is fitted with a three MP camera that is accompanied by advanced software, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Cordless Dual LED Lights Stereo Microscope

It boasts of a magnification that includes 20x, 40x and 80x. This microscope features a wide working distance that specifically entails a 57mm and 10 mm field of view. It is also accompanied by an imaging system digital USB, which allows the capturing of still images on a Mac OS, iMac and Mac book. In addition, the microscope is suitable for stamp, coin and rock collectors.

Nikon 7314 20X Field Microscope Mini

As a device designed for field use, the Nikon 7314 Field Microscope Mini features water resistant protectors that protect it from rainy or damp conditions. This 20x magnification microscope also has lens cover for protective purposes. Apart from being incredibly comfortable for longer viewing, the eyepieces can rotate up to 180 degree.

Firefly DE300 Polarizing Handheld USB Digital Microscope

The Firefly DE300 microscope is one of the popular handheld USB microscopes on the market with a magnification that ranges from 15X to 50X. Aside from its sensor resolution of 2.0MP, it boasts of eight ultra LED lighting with adjustable brightness. Furthermore, it has the capability of polarizing 12 settings in 30 degree increments.

AmScope 40X-2500X LED Lab Binocular Compound Microscope

This AmScope microscope is known for its wide range of magnification settings, which range from 40x to 2500x. It also boasts of a bulb that has LED illumination coupled with a dimmer. The microscope’s digital camera has advanced editing, measuring and processing software. Furthermore, this microscope is fitted with a 5MP USB camera that is useful for pharmaceutical, bacterial and biological researches in education, medical and laboratory circles.

Since finding a great digital microscope can be a little bit confusing, consider using the above information as your personal digital microscope-buying guide. Whether you are a scientist, teacher, student or health practitioner, you can rest assured that the above list got you covered. Also, bear in mind that most of the above microscopes come with a warranty and are built with durability in mind.

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