I’m struggling to stop statue smuggling – Manikavel

I’m struggling to stop statue smuggling – Manikavel

The police who complained to him did not record a first report so far, that the complainant did not request a job change once. Manikavel said.

Special Operations Officer, Special Operations Officer, They complained to the DGP today. Gold. The 60-year-old policeman who worked in the Manikavel-led division has been forced to pay them back.

In this connection, the DGP and the journalists who met the reporters should investigate only the person pointing out the matter. We do not allow us to work freely. We worked in the middle of the pressure of the golden mice on the statue. The fake case and the fake testimony have been demanded to arrest the police.

It is the specialty officer of the postmodern burglary unit who met the journalists. Mikkaiyale, the complaints are my expectations. Can we take the police to work for more than 250 days? Seeing those complaining against me is a sin.

The respective district reserve guards played the culprits in 47 districts. The foreign guards used other help. How can you be distressed when the FIR is not posted? No Foreign Officer can be removed without the High Court order. He said that I am fighting a separate officer in the statue-smuggling department.

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