Ooty has changed a lot After 18 years

In 1819, the Englishman John Sullivan was in Coimbatore. Asked how to spend the holidays, he is informed of the location at the top of the mountain and he decides to go there anytime soon after hearing the specials of the place. With the help of indigenous people, Kotagiri passes through the rugged mountain ranges. After his departure, his travel tiredness disappears.

As he heard, the place is very much in place to get the mind and body fresh. After he built a house for staying there, he was known as the Father of Nilgiri. The so-called octogenary of such a magnificent location. Briefly feed.

But in the past 20 years, the feed has seen a significant change in the lives, jungles, living animals, climate and environment of the population, and those who go to town for a while are easily aware of the change. We asked Durri Mohanraj from Sankarankovil to see what changes were going on in the past few years.

“I still remember the first trip that I had traveled to college in college in the early 18th century in 1999. When the bus started to pass through the dense road from the Pettah trees to the hill,” The Queen of the Hills welcomes you warmly. “Not for the name, I realized that.

There were fewer buses to feed from Mettupalayam. As well as the number of cars above the car, vans and heavy vehicles. If you start to climb on the mountain, the clean air and the scent of the oil can pierce the nose. But after a few years, you can feel the smell of sugarcane.

Whatever the monkeys are, its activities have changed. As soon as you see the vehicles coming in, the monkeys who are on the tree are now in a place where the vehicle is stopped and come to fear and get some food. This is the result of the continuous feeding of tourists. Book your ride with Tours & Travel in tamilnadu | Tour Packages | Quality hotels | fine restaurants

The condition of the lake is very bad. It has now become the location of the entire sewer of the city, the beauty and area of ​​the Ooty Botanical Garden has largely disappeared. I have seen people staying in the morning and evening walks on the roads of the feed. But now the situation has turned upside down.

 People do not want to walk anywhere. The air was polluted due to the increase in the number of vehicles.

It is unusual to see plastic water bottles in the food for years before. Even the soft drinks got glass bottles. But now the use of plastic products has increased in feed. The lush green meadows of the feed and the sheep and goats are not found today. The small streams in the way of feeding have dried up.

I thought that there was no famine in the water in the feed. But the climate change does not cause the rain to be exact. Even before the day itself is cool. But now the temperature has increased.

Concrete buildings seem to be more visible now as they see the green view from wherever they go. Resorts and hotels have increased in contrast to the construction rules.

Overall, the hill queen seems to have started to lose her beauty. Strict laws are normally enacted to safeguard these places overseas. That’s how the place was. But the state has failed to protect nature in our town.  Pick your hotels and restaurants through Ooty travels.

The government can encourage the use of electric cars there to protect the feed. Plastic products should be completely banned. To replace heavy vehicles, the already existing railway line can be used. But one thing will no longer be a government lazy and will completely lose its peculiarity. “

The great gift given to us by the Nilgiris nature in the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats. It is important to note that in 1986, the first biographical archive announced by UNESCO in India.

Many of the researchers’ claim that the tigers and Asian elephants in the world would be destroyed in the rest of the world would probably be a miracle. The blue-blossom flowers have been known as Nilgiri by the name of Nilgiris. But now there are concrete buildings all over the hill. If the government fails to take proper action, then the beauty of the mountain state can only be seen in future generations.