Garden hose Used To save home from wildfire

Paradise, California (CNN)Brad Weldon grabbed a garden hose as the Camp Fire approached his house, spraying water to keep the flames at bay and protect his disabled, elderly mother inside. With fire on all sides, he went from one hose to another. When there were no hoses with water left, he picked up a bucket […]

Dying Star Image Captured By KEPLER

Photo Credit: NASA Astronomers have been able to get their closest, most detailed look yet at the first stages of a dying star – a supernova known as SN 2018oh – using a combination of super-powerful telescopes out in space and based here on Earth. This unprecedented look at the death throes of SN 2018oh […]

How To Cook Tender Juicy Turkey ?

Here are my tips for fixing the perfect bird for Thanksgiving, along with my Smoke & Roast Turkey recipe. — If you have time, brine! Brining is easy to do (recipe below), but it does take a little extra time. Do not brine if your turkey is self-basted, flavor-enhanced or kosher. — Turkey is done […]