Planning Your Hen Party Abroad – Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Planning Your Hen Party Abroad – Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Every soon-to-be-married woman deserves to enjoy a memorable hen party. After all, you deserve to give yourself a break from your stressful wedding preparation. Your hen do celebration is the best opportunity you can use to relax and unwind before you exchange vows with your future husband.

Because it’s your last opportunity to go out with your best friends as an unmarried woman, why not go all out and organize your party abroad? You might not have another chance to travel abroad with your best buddies after a few years.

If you want to organize a superb hen party abroad, this guide can definitely help you. We gathered our best party planning tips below:

Gather your girls and start talking about dates

It’s hard to talk about accommodations, flights, train rides, and party activities without having a tentative schedule in mind. As such, we highly recommend talking to your girls and checking when you should schedule the trip.

You can talk about it in person or through your preferred messaging app. Check everyone’s free schedule. You also have to take into consideration how long your trip should last. Do you want to go on a weeklong trip? Do you only need the weekends for your celebration?

Let’s start talking about money

Once you figure out when to host the party, you can deep dive into computing the potential expenses. It can be quite tricky to deal with money matters. Nevertheless, you still need to include this in your hen party planning. Think of the following:

    • Are you going to purchase a hen party package?
    • Do you prefer DIY hen party planning?
    • What kind of hen party entertainment do you want?
    • What type of accommodation do you need for the whole entourage?
    • Are you going to divide the expenses amongst yourselves?
  • How much can each guest chip in?

Do everything together!

Avoid booking your trips separately. This will only cause confusion along the way. What’s worst is that you have to wait for others in case their train rides or flights get delayed. To avoid wasting time waiting in train stations or airports, you should definitely book your tickets together. This technique can work even if you prefer DIY travel planning.

Also, you should book your rides or flights early. Once you finalize your plans, you should consider buying your tickets right away. Booking your tickets late might cause you problems and unwanted additional costs.

Prepare your travel essentials

Everyone loves taking pictures when they’re abroad. To make sure that you look posh all throughout your trip, you can check out our travelling in style blog. You can find all kinds of tips that will help you look fashionable while you’re abroad.

Apart from packing chic outfits, you also need to bring your travel documents. Remind your bridal squad to check all of their passports, visas, insurance cards, and other legal documents. Don’t forget to check the validity of your passports to avoid having issues at the airport.

Don’t forget the travel itinerary

While it’s sometimes better to just go with the flow when you’re travelling abroad, it still pays to have a simple travel itinerary prepared beforehand. List down possible restaurants you can go to for your late lunch and dinner.

Maybe you should also brief the girls about the activities that you’ll do while you’re in a new country. For example, you can include items like bar hopping or island hopping to your travel list.

A few final reminders

Before your scheduled trip, you need to double check everything. Did the hotel receive your reservation? Do you have the travel papers needed? Are there items you need to buy for the gals? Have you arranged the hotel and airport transfers?

You also need to have a list of the hotel’s contact number. In case you arranged for transfers, you should also have the number of the transportation company.

If you’re off to a country that doesn’t have English speakers, you should at least have a travel phrasebook with you. It should contain basic phrases like:

  • Yes/No
  • Where’s the airport?
  • What’s your name
  • Hello/Goodbye
  • Thank you
  • How much?
  • Check, please

It’s best if you ask your girlfriends to help you with the preparations so you don’t have to handle everything. After all, you don’t want to get stressed out with the hen party planning too. One of your best buddies can check the hotel bookings while the rest can help you with your airplane tickets, restaurant reservations, and party packages.

You deserve to enjoy a fabulous hen party abroad. To ensure that you have a good time with all of your female friends, you should definitely follow our tips and tricks above. What are your favorite tips so far? Did we miss anything? Our last piece of advice is that you have a plan B for your hen party abroad so you get to enjoy a super hassle-free experience.