Top 10 Best Duplicate Photo Detectors For Android

Photos are one of the best ways to recall old memories. Now that technology has advanced to a level where you can keep on clicking without the worry of photo roll to run out. With limitless storage available on your cameras and smartphones, everyone has come to a habit of clicking multiple photos of the same instance that results in photo duplicates on your device. This pile of duplicate photos not only consumes space but may also interfere with performance.

If you wish to clean duplicate files, it becomes even complicated due to the huge number of photos, which can’t be taken care of manually. This way, you may require a dedicated photo management software on your device that can detect duplicate photos on Android.


Today, we’re going to talk about the 10 best duplicate photo detectors for Android that you can download:


  1. Duplicate Photos Finder: Duplicate Photos Fixer needs no introduction being one of the best tools to eliminate duplicate images from your Android. The tool is easy to use and comes with an intuitive interface, letting you set the location to scan for duplicates. Once the device is scanned for all the duplicates, you’d be provided with all the duplicates to review and proceed to delete. As simple as sounds.



  1. Duplicate File Remover: Duplicate File Remover stands among the best photo management software for Android that you can get. Apart from deleting duplicate images, it also goes ahead in organizing your smartphone. The tool helps you get rid of duplicate photos, audio, video with just a few clicks. The tool works faster and helps you navigate through its intuitive UI.



  1. Duplicate Photos Remover: If you’re looking for a dedicated tool that can get rid of duplicate photos, Duplicate Photos Remover is for you. The tool made it to be most liked due to its robust speed that scans internal and external storage for all the duplicate and similar looking photos. The tool comes with an auto marking feature that saves a lot of your time and efforts to recheck the photos. Also, Duplicate Photos Remover is made customizable so that you can tweak its accuracy level while looking for duplicates on your Android.


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  1. CleanUp Master– Duplicate Photo Cleaner & Junk Cleaner:CleanUp Master is one of the most popular tools that serves more than one purposes for your Android.  Apart from deleting duplicate photos and files, you’re allowed to clear junk and setup an antivirus tool. Also, the tool comes with an inbuilt photo vault that lets you save your personal moments by keeping them away from everyone.



  1. Remo Duplicate Photos Remover: When it comes to deleting duplicate photos, Remo needs no introduction. Remo helps you scan, detect and delete all the duplicate photos available on your Android and reclaims the storage space. The tool is fast and comes with a dedupe feature that also informs you about the storage consumed on your Android.




  1. Remove Duplicate Photo: Remove Duplicate Photo is a product of The App Company INC that successfully made it to the list of top 10 best duplicate photos cleaner apps. The tool comes with a dedicated Gallery Cleaner that helps you recognize and delete similar photos. Moreover, the tool comes with a recover deleted photos feature built-in to get back mistakenly deleted photos.



  1. Slidebox – Photo Organizer: Slidebox is an easy to use photo management software that goes light on your Android while taking care of the business. The tool helps you delete unwanted photos with just a swipe and helps you sort photos into albums. Slideboxworks great when it comes to find and delete similar looking photos and reclaiming the occupied storage space.


  1. Duplicate Photos Remover 2018 :  Duplicate Photos Remover 2018 is an on the go duplicate photos remover that works best on almost every version of Android. It helps you easily scan internal and external storage space on your device with its auto mark technique. The tool also takes care of the space on your device and keeps a copy secure for the duplicate.




  1. Duplicate Media Remover :- Duplicate Media Remover is one of the most automated duplicate remover tools that require minimal human intervention. The tools scans for internal and external storage for duplicates and skip the unselected locations. Also, you are allowed to schedule the scans every week or month.



  1. Duplicates Remover Duplicates Remover is another dedicated duplicate photos cleaner that goes ahead at different locations on your device to hunt down the storage consuming duplicates. The tool makes all the duplicates appeared in different sections and helps you remove similar photos.


Overall, it is important that you keep your Android clean of duplicate photos to keep its storage and performance optimum. When you end up having numerous duplicate images on your device, you’ve not got the range of the best photo management software for you device. It is important that you download them either from Google Play Store and not from a third party website. In case you wish to share some tips and tricks related to Android, do let us know in the comments below.

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